Thursday, May 14, 2009


It seems that when blogging is more passe I have more of a vested interest in it. There's facebook, twitter...I can't keep I long for the days of simple pen and paper, it was so much more romantic. Anyway, I've watched this film recently - ok I had to wait for the dvd release because I highly doubt a local release in Malaysia and it'll probably be cut to pieces knowing them censors. If you're lost, the film is called LET THE RIGHT ONE IN which is based on a bestselling book by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist and beautifully directed by Tomas Alfredson. I'll say its the film that Twilight should have been. I'm too lazy to explain it all, you can wiki it at :

As for myself, I'm taking a breather from filming and concentrating on writing. Films are made too fast these days, everyone seems to be in a rush (including myself at one point) but I believe it takes time to make anything good. And it all begins with the script....ergo the STORY. Something, I myself have struggled with. But as they say, you have to write many words of crap before anything brilliant can come out. Might consider changing this blog, once I can be bothered to hahaha.......Again thank you to those who have actually bothered to read my blog, and apologies for the lack of updates.

Take care all....till next time....I'll leave you with the first verse of the Morrissey song that inspired the author of Let the right one in.

Let the right one in
Let the old dreams die
Let the wrong ones go
They cannot
They cannot
They cannot do what you want them to do.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


A big thanks to Mikhail for inspiring me to write on this blog again. At least someone enjoys my ramblings :) I've decided to branch out from rather just writing about film to write about other stuff that just pops in my head. Unfortunately although I've figured out how to put pics on these things, I'm just too damn lazy to do so. I think I've been struck by a disease called Virtual Insanity.....remember that song by Jamiroquai (who I think is amazing). Its like information overload that you become so overwhelmed by all these amazing things you can do on the information superhighway that you become numb and useless. I can't even handle a simple mobile phone. Besides I've never liked phones, of course they are a very convenient form of communication, but the ringing (despite now you can get new pop songs as a ring tone, even my Mum is more up to date than I am) just drives me crazy. Ergo the phone is on silent as much as possible, not much use for work but good for my sanity. Apologies to all.

I've been reading up on 'Shadow People,' quite a bit lately -well mainly for work purposes. For those who think Shadow people are those Milli Vanilli background singers heres a simple definition for you from wikipedia: Creepy eh? I've never had a personal experience with these things, and neither would I want to but its strange that so many have. I remember seeing a pair of red eyes peering out from the bushes when I was 8 but it was probably the cat.

Speaking of shadows, I saw this interesting Korean film called Shadows in the Palace. Heres the trailer: It was released last year but I never got a chance to watch it. Its interesting in the way that it mixes a costume drama/murder mystery with supernatural elements.

Quarantine is no 2 on the US Box office Haven't seen it of course, but I loved the original Spanish film REC Its The Blair Witch style of film-making, or shaky cam as most audiences will be familiar with.

Thats all for now...........

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Greetings, it seems I have seriously neglected this blog for a while. Just never seem to find the time or even know what to say. However I've been asked this question quite often, I think I've even read the book so I thought maybe I should blog about it. Actually the question should be Is there life after school? I think most 20 somethings get stuck in a rut after university/college/school, some have high hopes, some are just blur, some get disappointed.

The problem is to transition from the rather structured life of university to the hectic world of adulthood. As for life after film school, I think the problem is always to find that excitement you had in making those cheap, crazy student films. You didn't have to worry about production costs because everything was basically free and you didn't have to answer to anyone except the critique of your peers and lecturers, and you didn't have to worry about offending anyone - its excused as artistic license. You made films for yourself. Well thats what I did anyway. The struggle is to find that passion for filmmaking again with the projects where you do have to worry about money, marketing etc. I think the one thing I remember from film school that my wonderful mentors always said was make sure you have something to say in your films and I hope to keep on doing that!!

As for news on the me front, I'm working on something that I'm extremely excited with. Will let y'all know in due time. Mystery keeps it exciting, no?

Sunday, December 02, 2007


For those who actually visit my blog, I'd just like to apologize for the ridiculously long hiatus. Never been good with this blog thing. Thank you though for taking the time to visit and posting your comments. Appreciate it tremendously......Its been so long I forgot my password!!!

Well a lot of things have been happening since last blog entry. The film has been screened at PIFAN (Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival) in Korea which is the largest genre film fest in Asia. It was an amazing experience, unfortunately I didn't have much time to watch many films. After that we were screened at the first Australian Malaysian Film Festival in Melbourne in August and we got nominated and won a coupla awards at the Festival Filem Malaysia.

Next up will be Fantasporto in Portugal (another very cool genre film festival- this time I'm adamant to watch more films!!!) Well that's the latest buzz.

As for my next project, which is a common question I get asked often these days....well we shall see hehehe ;). I'm focusing on writing & developing a couple of projects......since I'm kinda superstitious will only announce anything once I get it complete and running. I know, oh so mysterious.

I'm quite a big fan of Princess Bride so was deliriously happy when Stardust (which happens to be one of fav books by my fav author Neil THE AMAZING Gaiman!!) and Enchanted pranced upon the big screen. A sucker for fairytale romance so if you haven't yet, please go watch!!! Beowulf was interesting in its interpretation but being a traditionalist as I am I thought it would have been better if it was live action (can't beat real human emotion).

Waiting to see ACROSS THE UNIVERSE since I'm a fan of Julie Taymor's work, so hope to see that soon. Thats all for now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Allo all, just wanted to shout out a big thanks for your support of Chermin. Its been out in the cinemas for about 2 weeks now and thanx all for the positive feedback. We had our premiere/press conference on 15th March, will discuss that in next blog since I'm still getting the pics for that!!! Life has been pretty crazy for the past coupla weeks and I've been a bit lazy with the writing. Apologies.

Since I'm supposed to be honest in this blog, to tell ya the truth - all these cameras flashing in my face and questions targeted at me is very disconcerting. I love life behind the camera, but in front is a whole different matter!!! Oh well, that's the way it is. . . . should have one of those milli vanilli frontperson to do all the talking ;)

If you happen to read the papers, Chermin is heading off to Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, which is the biggest mainstream Asian film festival in Europe - so that's really exciting!!! Plus we're gonna be featured on Horror Day. Actually I read that Japanese pic Dororo which is based on the comic will be screening there so will definitely catch that - I saw the trailer and loved it. Check it out: I think they are already in the works of Dororo 2 and Dororo 3. Wah, so quick!!!

So life after Chermin......moving on to next project which I've been working on for a while now (will tell ya all more when I'm done with it - very superstitious about these things ;) This summer is gonna be hell, a big pocket burner. . . just look at all the blockbusters coming our way. . . . and local cinema woah - there'll be a film every 2 weeks and thats damn cool!!!

Oh yeah, to those who actually visit this blog and drop comments, would really love to know what you want to see/hear on the big screen!!! I remember someone asking for a more rock heavy soundtrack, which sounds actually quite cool (will definitely take note ;)

Sorilah no cool pics in this blog, you just have to wait for the next one. Take care all and if I forget to respond to any posts please keep posting, I will definitely respond to it.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Happy New Year alls, yes realize I'm a week late but well better late than never! Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that Chermin will be released on March 22nd 2007!! So check it out.

Apologies for being MIA for well eons, I don't actually remember the last time I wrote in this blog. This year looks like an amazing year for movies, so I guess I will be permanently seated in a cinema. Speaking of cinema, I would just like to rave on about the cinemas in Thailand, lets just say the Thais take movie-going very seriously. Went to see Death Note 2 (which is brilliant btw) in one of them 'gold class' type cinema at Siam Paragon and was treated to a massage prior to the film and I even got tucked in with a blanket! And plus the audience actually watched the movie rather than chatting, playing with their mobile phones or worse answering them (that really gets to me!!!).

Also saw Babel recently, which I seriously recommend you all go see on March 1st, one of the most powerful emotional experiences. If I'm not wrong it completes the Trilogy collaboration between director Alejandro Inarritu and writer Guillermo Arriaga. Its visually stunning (happen to be fan of DOP Rodrigo Prieto who also worked on one of my fav films Frida); the music was beautiful and poetic and the performances (especially newcomer Rinko Kikuchi) were captivating and eloquent. Beautiful.

I am still dying to see Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinthe and I'm not sure if it will be released here in Malaysia- its one of those films you just have to see on the big screen. So please please please show it in Malaysia!!!

Gonna sign off now. Take care alls and to those who were kind enough to leave me comments, I will answer them soon, sorry for the delay! Again check out Chermin at a cinema near you in March!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Just to let you know the full length web trailer is now up on the website This is not the theatrical film trailer with the full visual effects, that will be coming soon.

Since you are checking out trailers, which I hope you are! Check out Scorcese's remake of great Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs, The Departed! Scorcese, you rock! Its probably the best remake of an Asian film (ok besides The Magnificent Seven and the Original Star Wars, and ok The Ring). Another film to look out in future is Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell- bizarre premise reminiscent of Charlie Kaufman flicks.

Thats all for now.